About the film

Independent Feature Film BEING NICE follows newly-dumped Jen, who, about to abandon her dream of becoming an artist, begrudgingly starts a trial in a top London advertising agency and, to her surprise, after connecting with a romantically disillusioned colleague, starts to enjoy life as a grown-up and the wild lifestyle that follows; but when the pull of her old life gets in the way of new responsibilities, Jen must grow up quickly if she wants to hang on to the job and people she's started to fall for.
  • Cast

    • JenJessica Francis
    • NickAlex Warren
    • Karen (Mum)Jackie Howe
    • KatNicola Hollinshead
    • SteveJames Clossick
    • MattDan Cohen
    • RachelGabriella Schmidt
    • AliKaterina Watson
    • AndyMatt Jamie
    • TimTommy Vine


    • Writer/DirectorAndrew Blackburn
    • Director of PhotographyRob Wilton
    • EditorVee Pinot
    • Additional Camera OperatorsAndrew Corrigan
    •  Max Sobol
    •  Zoe Bulbeck
    • Sound RecordistLuke Preston
    • Music Composed byMat Riviere
    • Production ManagerCameron Randall
    • Production Sound MixerJames Downham at Azimuth
  • Podcast featuring BEING NICE

    Jun 04, 2015 / Andrew Blackburn

    Hello, friends! Who likes PODCASTS??

    Writer and Director of Being Nice Andy Blackburn recently recorded a podcast HERE with some very nice Australian chaps, talking about how he made feature film Being Nice for very little money, his approach to directing actors and filmmaking in general - and, even more interestingly, what kind of dog he'd most like to be.. If you're at all interested in making or watching films there is a lot of very candid and honest information in there so it's definitely worth a listen. And please subscribe to the podcast, they've had some really informative guests so far, there's a lot of great info for upcoming filmmakers and experienced ones alike.

    Here's the link again:

    Remember, Being Nice is only $4.99 to stream or download if you use the code FACEBOOK at checkout, and you can even pay with Paypal.. Enjoy

    Thanks for your support, any shares are very much appreciated!


    'Very highly recommended' says

    Dec 12, 2014 / Andrew Blackburn

    Hello friends of Being Nice!

    Hope you're all exceptionally well. We've had some really great responses to the film so far so I just wanted to tell you about a couple of new very positive reviews for the film..

    'Very highly recommended' & 'This is a very confident debut, with stunning lead performances' says Battle Royal With Cheese! BattleRoyaleWithCheese Reviews Being Nice

    'This film is highly recommended by Loud Green Bird. It is an example of what can happen when an independent filmmaker writes a great story, has outstanding assistance from his crew, and assembles a cast whose members work together like a seasoned ensemble.' Loud Green Bird Reviews Being Nice

    The feature film is just $5.99 (£3.75) to Stream or Download in HD at (it's almost as easy as buying a film on Itunes, and cheaper!)

    If you have already seen the film and liked it it would be great if you could share the film wherever you can, it'll really help drive more sales and help us make more films in the future!

    Thanks everyone,

    Q and A with Writer/Director Andrew Blackburn

    Nov 14, 2014 / Andrew Blackburn

    Being Nice Writer/Director Andrew Blackburn has done a ridiculously in-depth Q and A with about making the film and, by extension, his life! Loads of info about how we made the film for such a low budget, what his biggest annoyance growing up was and how he got his start in film sweeping up sawdust..


    Being Nice - OUT NOW - Just $5.99/£3.75

    Nov 14, 2014 / Andrew Blackburn

    Hello, friends!

    It’s an absolute pleasure to announce the VOD release of my debut feature film BEING NICE. You can Stream or Download for just $5.99 (approx £3.75) from - there’s no registration or sign-up and you can even pay with PayPal..

    "Sweet without becoming cloying, likeable without lingering, it deserves to find an audience on VOD" 7/10

    Being Nice tells the story of Jen (Jessica Francis in her feature debut), an aspiring artist in her early 20s who, fresh out of university, begrudgingly takes a job in advertising. We follow Jen as, much to her surprise, she begins to enjoy working life and her rebellious nature causes her to connect with a romantically disillusioned colleague played by Alex Warren (Powder Room, Being Human).

    The film has been a labour of love for so many people, most working for little or no money, and it's thanks to those people that we managed to get to this day. So a massive thank you to everyone who has helped out in any capacity on the film - couldn't have done it without you.

    I really hope you can find time to watch or share or get involved, it’d mean a lot to me and the whole cast and crew.


    Thank you,
    Andy Blackburn
    Writer & Director



    Twitter: @BeingNiceMovie

    Official Website:


    Nov 13, 2014 / Andrew Blackburn

    Hello, friends,

    TOMORROW IS THE DAY you can finally STREAM or DOWNLOAD Being Nice! Here’s a bit more detail about the film and a review from Britflicks..

    Please have a look and share away - remember, if you can’t wait until tomorrow you can pre-order the film at for just $5.99 (approx £3.75) - there’s no registration or sign-up and you can even pay with’s super easy.

    And you can also follow us on Twitter @BeingNiceMovie to keep up with all the latest news of reviews and press..

    Thanks, team, your support is very much appreciated!


    If you haven't seen the trailer yet: